PCGC Minutes For October 27, 2021

Glen Kindness hosted the meeting and welcomed guests.

Current and future competitions:
11/1 PSA Entries for Open and Travel
11/10 Print: Fall Colors (note: due 10/27)
11/10 Digital: Still Life by Natural Light (note change: due 10/27)

Glen passed out the ribbons.

Photography Events/Announcements:


Lens/cratch Daily: Lens/cratch focuses on fine arts photography and publishes a regular list of calls for photography contests that may be of interest to you, especially if your inclination is toward fine art photography. http://lenscratch.com/resources/callsforentry/

Impressions of Hyde Park Square Exhibit at Gallery 708 :  October 1 - November 28

Fairfield Annual Community Artist Showcase:  Sept. 25 - Nov. 13

2022 FOTOFOCUS BIENNIAL. The theme for its sixth edition of the FotoFocus Biennial will be World Record with a concentrated week of programming held October 1–8, 2022, and preview events on September 30, 2022.  The theme World Record considers film and photography’s record of life on earth, while exploring humankind’s impact on the natural world and the choices—for ill or good—we now face as a global community.

Mark Buelsing at markb@letitshine.biz asks for photos of cars, auto shows, and auto events to be submitted to gocarshow.com.

Old Business:

Larry Bresko noted that the top six Travel and top six Open photos will be submitted to the PSA Club competition.

Mark Buelsing announced that the new website address is currently not working and steps are being taken to fix the problem.

The opportunity to tour "Cincinnati Triple Steam,” operated by Cincinnati Water Works and featuring four of the world's largest triple expansion crank and fly wheel water pumping steam engines, was discussed.  About nine members showed interest in a Saturday, December 4, outing.  A dedicated tour will take place on Saturday, December 4, from 9:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.  For those who did not attend the meeting and wish to attend, please inform Glen, as the maximum is 20 people.  Members are able to bring guests.  It is important to review the material on the website about the requirements for attendees and the provided video links, as the video presentation is no longer a part of the tour.  Also, for any member planning to go, print and complete the liability release form, and bring it to the meeting on October 27 or November 10.  If one cannot attend either meeting, please let Glen know for the head count, and also be sure to bring the completed form the morning of the tour.

A link to a YouTube video gives some historical context and shows some of the construction.

https://cincinnatitriplesteam.org/documents/ Tour%20Guidelines%20Old%20River%20Station%20GCWW.pdf
The plant is very interesting, with lots of photographic composition challenges and opportunities.

Glen announced that the only Board position that needs to be filled for 2022 is Secretary.

Dennis Bray presented the Digital Competition Results.

Digital Competition ‘The Letter “R”’ Results for October 27, 2021
Judge:  Ernie Martin
No. of Entries:  21

1st :  Richard Lingo (Rose)
2nd:  Susan Milinkovich (Rainbows After the Storm (Can you see the second one?)
3rd and People’s Choice:  Glen Kindness (Rolling pin)
4th:  Karen Kindness (Rock Garden)
5th:  Don Meiners (The Rake)
6th:  Sharon Evans (Knotty situation)
HM:  Larry Bresko (Rolls Royce Radiator)
HM:  Ken Weartz (Loveland Railroad Crossing)
HM:  Sandy Garrison (Red Celebration)
HM:  Dan Slusher (Raisins)
HM:  Joe Chunko (Roller Coaster)

It has been my pleasure to serve as PCGC Secretary for the last several years.

Respectfully submitted,
Alane Shoemaker
PCGC Secretary

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