Photo Competitions

Enjoy the fun of entering our Photography Competitions

Each month we have a Print Competition and a Digital Competition.  A list of topics for the year is published in January and is available here.

Print Competitions are held on the second Wednesday of each month.  Members should bring their prints, matted or mounted (no framing allowed), to the meeting and turn them in to the print competition chairperson. Minimum size: 5” X 7” - Maximum size: longest side 18”. Prints are judged during the meeting by an ‘outside’ photographer/artist, with results announced and discussed at the end of the meeting. Print Competitions are also to be entered digitally to be eligible for the “People’s Choice” award. The images should follow the same guidelines as the digital competition. Entries are due by midnight on Digital Competition night (fourth Wednesday of the month).

Entries for the Digital Competitions are due on ‘Print’ night.  The maximum image size is 1920w X 1080h pixels. No image may exceed 1080 for height, even if entry is in a vertical (portrait). Click on “Submit Images to Competition” and follow the directions there. Images must be submitted prior to midnight on the second Wednesday of the month. The digital images will be judged by an ‘outside’ photographer/artist and the results are announced and discussed during the meeting on the fourth Wednesday. Members also will vote online for the “People’s Choice” award each month.

Each competition has winners 1st-6th place and honorable mentions. A point value is given for each place and used to determine Print Photographer of the Year and Digital Photographer of the Year. Print and Digital points are combined to determine overall Photographer of the Year. First and second place image winners of each Print and Digital competition are entered in an annual contest for Photograph of the Year.

Learn from professional photographers/artists and other club members. 

Competitions allow you the opportunity to have your images critiqued by professional photographers/artists as well as our other club members.  This is a great opportunity for growth as you critically look at your own work. It is also a great feeling to have your work deemed a winner in competitions by the critiquer.

For the complete rules of competition, please read our by-laws and procedures here.

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