PCGC Minutes For May 12, 2021

Glen Kindness hosted the Zoom meeting, since the club is not able to meet in person as a result of COVID-19. 

New members - Brian Lenz, Jeff Leland, and Nicki Poole - were welcomed to the club, as were guests, Kelly Kruse and Leslie Hannah.

Dennis Bray noted the upcoming competitions.  The May 26 Digital Competition on “The Color Purple” is due on May 12.  The June 9 Print Competition on “Silhouette” is due on May 26.  The June 7 Competition on “2021 Spring Flower Showcase” is due May 28.  The June 23 Digital Competition on “Wet Object” is due on June 9.

Congratulations to Susan Milinkovich for PSA Award of Merit for "Twins Portrait!” and to Dennis Bray for PSA Honorable Mention for "I Can't Wait!”

Also congratulations to Candace Cook, Rick Lingo, Sandy Garrison, and Susan Milinkovich for their entries in the Hamilton Exhibit

Glen announced that the club is scheduled to meet in person in July.  Karen Kindness announced members who wish to sell camera equipment may post the items on the website Forum.

Glen did a very informative presentation on “Smart Phone Photography and Processing” for both Apple and Android cell phones.  Mobile Shooting and Processing Apps include ProCam Software for Raw, Lightroom Mobile, Photoshop Mobile, Photoshop Express, Photoshop Fix, Snapseed, Touch Retouch, Video 2 Photo, Sunseeker, PhotoPills, and Ephemeris.

The members reviewed and discussed MY TWO BEST SHOTS (JAN-MAR 2021).  Images were submitted from such locations as Fernald bald eagle nest, Brown State Park in Indiana, Valley of Fire State Park in Las Vegas, Pyramid Hill, Alligator Park in Saint Augustine, and Ault Park.

Print Competition Results for May 12, 2021

Topic:  Open (Monochrome)

Judge:  Tom Croce

No. of Entries:  19

1st and People’s Choice – Neville Duffield (counting his fish)

2nd -Larry Bresko (Captain Jake)

3rd - Joe Chunko (DC Subway

4th – Dennis Bray (Is That Him)

5th – Susan Milinkovich (Lines and Shapes)

6th – Dan Slusher (The Banjo Man)

Honorable Mention - Audra Shields (2021MayMonochrome-hanna-treeline)

Honorable Mention - Richard Lingo (Feet of the Boatman)

Honorable Mention - Karen Kindness (Biltmore View-2

Honorable Mention - Patty Bertsch (My Lucky Shoe)

Respectfully submitted,

Alane Shoemaker

PCGC Secretary

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