January 13 Print
Open (Color)
(Due 12/30)

January 27 Digital
(Due 1/13)

  • Any Subject
  • Photo must be a color image                                                                                                  
  • Subject is of a single piece or pieces of glass
  • Subject can be any type of glassware (ex. glasses, bowls, glass figurines, chandalier, etc.)
  • Subject cannot be stained glass
  • Subject can be a cut glass crystal


February 10 Print
(Due 1/27)
February 24 Digital
(Due 2/10)
  • Image composition must be minimal, containing only a single or a few elements.
  • Emphasizes spareness and focuses solely on the smallest number of objects in the composition
  • Less is more
  • Subject must be of a single or multiple bubbles
  • Subject cannot be a glass or plastic bubble.


March 10 Print
Door Hardware
(Due 2/24)

March 24 Digital
Open (Vertical)
(Due 3/10)

  • Subject is a door hardware feature (doorknob, hinge, knocker, mail slot, etc.
  • Image should not be of the entire door
  • Door hardware does not have to be attached to a door in the image
  • Subject cannot be a window in a door

  • Image can be of any subject
  • Image can be color or monochrome
  • Image must be in portrait orientation


April 14 Print
Perspective (Looking Up)
(Due 3/24)

April 28 Digital
(Due 4/14)

  • Image can be of any subject
  • Subject must be shot upward from a low to high perspective
  • Angle of the subject should be as high as possible above the camera (close to straight-up)
  • Subject is an abstract expression of an object
  • Image should not have an immediate association with the object in real life
  • Viewer should have to ask "What is it?"
  • Image cannot be made into an abstract in post processing



May 12 Print
Open (Monochrome)
(Due 4/28)
May 26 Digital
The Color Purple
(Due 5/12)
  • Image can be of any subject
  • Image must be a black & white or sepia
  • Image can be of any subject
  • Majority of the subject must be purple in color


June 9 Print
(Due 5/26)

June 23 Digital
Wet Object
(Due 6/9)
  • Subject is a silhouette of a person, animal, or object
  • Silhouette cannot be a sunset or sunrise image
  • Subject is a person, animal or object that is wet


July 14 Print
Hotrod Vehicles
(Due 6/23)
July 28 Digital
Open (Single Color)
(due 7/14)
  • Subject must be a hotrod or souped-up car or truck
  • Image can be of the entire vehicle or a portion of the vehicle
  • Subject cannot be just an old or classic car
  • Image can be of any subject
  • Image (subject and background) can only contain a single color (ex. only blue, red, or orange, etc.)
  • Image cannot be black & white or sepia



August 11 Print
Items of Many Colors
(Due 7/28)
August 25 Digital
(Due 8/11)
  • Must contain one or more objects that have many colors
  • Subject must have at least five colors
  • Subject is a singular item, not a collection of items (ex. box of crayons is acceptable, but a pile of loose crayons is not acceptable
  • Subject is of a single flower or multiple flowers


September 8 Print
OPEN (Black & White/High Contrast)
(Due 8/25)

September 22 Digital
Countryside Walking Bridge
(Due 9/8)
  • Image can be of any subject
  • Image should be black & white with high contrast (minimal gray tones)


  • Image must be of a pedestrian bridge or bridges in the countryside, park, or recreational area
  • Cannot be a bridge in a city ("Purple People Bridge")
  • Cannot be a train or vehicle bridge


October 13 Print
A Standout
(Due 9/22)

October 27 Digital
The Letter "R"
(Due 10/13)

  • Must have at least three similar objects
  • One object must be different from the other two or more similar objects
  • Standout object can be a different size, color, shape, orientation, etc.


  • Must have an object(s) whose name begins with the letter "R"
  • Subject must be an object(s) and not a person or animal
  • Name cannot be a proper name like "Ruth" or "Rover"


November 10 Print
Fall Colors
(Due 10/27)
November 10 Digital
Still Life (Natural Light)
(Due 10/27)
  • Image can be of any subject as long as it depicts the fall colors


  • Subject is a staged object that is illuminated by natural light
  • Subject can be outdoors or illuminated through a window, door, or other opening
  • Natural light can be either from the sun or moon


December 8 Print
(Due 11/24)
December 8 Digital
OPEN (Your Best of 2021)
(Due 11/24)
  • Subject must be related to music (ex. musical instrument, person playing an instrument, marching band, music sheets, etc.)


  • Image can be of any subject
  • Must be taken in 2021



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