PCGC Minutes For September 8, 2021

Glen Kindness hosted the meeting and welcomed new members and guests.

Current and future competitions:
9/8 Print: Open (Black and white, high contrast)
9/22 Digital: Countryside Walking Bridge
10/13 Print: A Standout

Glen passed out the ribbons and the new PCGC business cards.

Photography events/announcements:

Impressions of Hyde Park Square Exhibit at Gallery 708 :  October 1 - November 28

Fairfield Annual Community Artist Showcase:  Sept. 24: Opening Reception from 6 - 8 p.m.
Sept. 25 - Nov. 13: Exhibit on display to the public.

2022 FOTOFOCUS BIENNIAL. The theme for its sixth edition of the FotoFocus Biennial will be World Record with a concentrated week of programming held October 1–8, 2022, and preview events on September 30, 2022.  The theme World Record considers film and photography’s record of life on earth, while exploring humankind’s impact on the natural world and the choices—for ill or good—we now face as a global community.

Mark Buelsing at markb@letitshine.biz asked for photos of cars, auto shows, and auto events to be submitted to gocarshow.com.

Larry Bresko announced that PSA entries for Open and Travel are due November 1.


Ron Wilson discussed Criteria for Judging.

1.     Technique

            -Proper Exposure

            -Focused (subject, face, eyes all sharp)

            -Depth of Field

            -Lighting , including side lighting

2.    Composition

            -Subject or Focal Point in Landscape

            -Location of subject

            -Rule of Thirds

            -Subject vs. Background (separate subject from background, sharp subject, different                                 tone, background darker than subject)         

            -Major elements


3.    Impact/Interest



            -Tell story

            -Wow (arouse emotion, excite judges)

            -Instant Recognition (For Abstract -feeling, patterns, composition)

            -Drama/Action (contrast of black and white)


            -Color (warm to cool transition)


            -Something different

4.    Scoring For Prints:

            -Technique 1-5

            -Composition 1-5

            -Impact 1-5

15  Excellent

13  Very Good

11  Above Average

9    Average

7    Below Average

4.  Other Aspects of Scoring


            -First Impression

            -Try to be unbiased

5.  Items NOT included in Judging Criteria:





Patty Bertsch presented the Print Competition Results.

Print Competition Results for September 8, 2021
Open (Black and White – High Contrast)
Judge:  Jim Rauth
No. of Entries:  18

1st – Alan Lloyd (Saxophone Player)
2nd – Alane Shoemaker (Under the Sea)
3rd – Jeffery Slutz (Ascent)
4th – Patty Bertsch (Cutty Sark Mast and Rigging)
5th – Neville Duffield (Afghan Tribesman)
6th – Glen Kindness (High View)
HM – Susan Milinkovich (Simplicity)
HM – Joe Chunko (My Screen Door)
HM – Larry Bresko (Homeless)

Respectfully submitted,
Alane Shoemaker
PCGC Secretary

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