PCGC Minutes For March 10, 2021

Glen Kindness hosted the Zoom meeting, since the club is not able to meet in person as a result of COVID-19. 

The March 24 Digital Competition on “Open Vertical” is due on March 10.  The April 14 Print Competition on “Perspective (Looking Up)” is due on March 24.  The PSA PID and Travel entries are due on April 3.

Congratulations to Susan Milinkovich Sycamore SASSAFRAS) and Patty Bertsch (London Spiral) on their PSA PID Round 2 Awards of Merit.

Each spring since 1987, the City of Montgomery Arts Commission has sponsored the Montgomery Photo Competition which recognizes excellence in photography by artists of all ages and experience levels.  Adult and Student Entries are accepted April 1 – 15.  Photos are to be dropped off at Montgomery City Hall,10101 Montgomery Road, between 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM, Monday – Friday.

The meeting discussion topic was "Defining Fine Art Photography.” Gabi Roach, Arts and Programming Manager at the Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park, discussed “Through the Shadows ” the FotoFocus Biennial Exhibit, and “Out of the Darkness,” the current COVID-related exhibit.  Dennis Bray mentioned the concept of the photo one would DIE for - D for Design, I for information that is and is not there, and E for Emotion. Gabi, an accomplished artist and photographer, has curated photographic shows and projects for Pyramid Hill. Gabi's website is 


2020 Photo of the Year

Judge Tom Croce

1st - Dennis Bray (Hands of Life)

2nd - Richard Lingo (Regression)

3rd - Patty Bertsch (Broken)

People’s Choice - Candace Cook (Cottonwood)


February Print Competition Results for March 10, 2021

Topic:  Door Hardware

Judge:  Paul Mato

No. of Entries:  19

1st – Joe Chunko (Door Knocker)

2nd – Dan Slusher (Jail House Lock)

3rd - Patty Bertsch (No Entry)

4th – Candace Cook (JailHouse Lock)

5th – Larry Edward Jones (Hell’s Angels)

6th – Alane Shoemaker (Intricate London Door Hardware)

People’s Choice - Susan Milinkovich (Peering into the Past)

Honorable Mention - Richard Lingo (Unlatched)

Honorable Mention - Karen Kindness (Forgotten Door)

Honorable Mention - Neville Duffield (pilgrim’s hand)

Honorable Mention - Dennis Bray (I’ll Come Knockin’)

Honorable Mention - Sandy Garrison (Next Year)

Respectfully submitted,

Alane Shoemaker

PCGC Secretary


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