January 11 Print
Open (Color)
(Digital Copy Submission Due 12/28)

January 25 Digital
Places of Worship
(Submission Due 1/11)

  • The image can be of any subject.
  • The image must be a color image.
  • Capture the entire church, temple, mosque, etc., or
  • Focus on smaller details such as doors, stained glass windows, pews, altars, etc.



February 8 Print
Time Gone By/Vintage
(Digital Copy Submission Due 1/25)
February 22 Digital
Product Photography
(Submission Due 2/8)
  • The subject should be from the past and a time gone by.
  • Subject could be a family heirloom, an object at an antique store or flea market, anything from the past.
  • Subject could also be old buildings, antique cars, any old, inanimate object.
  • Product photography is any image of an item for sale.
  • They feature product details and features to give potential buyers a positive impression of the product.
  • The subject should be anything you are trying to entice someone to buy.


March 8 Print
Spherical Objects
(Digital Copy Submission Due 2/22)

March 22 Digital
Open (Verticle Orientation)
(Submission Due 3/8)

  • The image should feature a spherical (round, three-dimensional) object or objects.
  • Image should not be of just circles or objects that appear two-dimensional in the photograph.
  • Examples - balls, fruits, lens balls, marbles, bubbles, round flower vase with slightly flattened edge, etc.

  • The image can be of any subject.
  • The image can be color or monochrome.
  • Image must be in vertical or portrait orientation.
  • The image needs to have been taken in the last 24 months (March 2021).


April 12 Print
Alleyways, Corridors, Hallways, Tunnels
(Digital Copy Submission Due 3/22)

April 26 Digital
Cemeteries & Monuments
(Submission Due 4/12)

  • Capture one of these elements in an image.
  • Cincinnati has many interesting alleyways in OTR.
  • Buildings can have unique corridors or hallways filled with interesting artifacts.
  • Trees lining a drive or sidewalk can create a tunnel effect.
  • Even covered slides create a tunnel.  Be creative!
  • Topic was selected at the February 22 digital competition meeting.
  • The image must be shot after the February 22 meeting.
  • Monuments must be in cemeteries.


May 10 Print
Open (Monochrome)
(Digital Copy Submission Due 4/26)
May 24 Digital
Intentional Camera Movement (ICM)
(Submission Due 5/10)
  • The image can be of any subject.
  • The image must be a black & white, sepia, or toned.
  • During ICM, a camera or lens is moved during a slower exposure for a creative or artistic effect (Impressionism).
  • Panning the camera (vertical, horizontal, circular or zig-zag(, or zooming the barrel of the lens are examples of ICM.
  • Do not blur the image so much that it is unrecognizable.


June 14 Print
Exploring Light
(Digital Copy Submission Due 5/24)

June 28 Digital
"My Favorite Things" (from The Sound of Music)
(Submission Due 6/14)
  • The image should feature light as it creates compelling effects such as interesting shadows, light beams coming through objects, backlit objects, "God beams", starbursts, light painting, high/low key, Golden Hour, etc.
  • Light source can be natural or artificial light.
  • Image must feature one or more of the following: Raindrops on roses, whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles, warm woolen mittens, wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings, girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes, snowflakes that stay on nose & eyelashes, silver white winters that melt into spring, cream-colored ponies, crisp apple strudel, doorbells, sleighbells, schnitzel with noodles, brown paper packages tied up with string.


July 12 Print
Inclement Weather
(Digital Copy Submission Due 6/28)
July 26 Digital
Open (Photographer's Choice)
(Submission Due 7/12)
  • Capture an identifiable facet of inclement weather such as storm clouds, lightning strikes, rain, snow storms, ice storms, fog, strong winds, etc.
  • Try to capture the feeling of the weather, look for people caught in bad weather or use color to convey sensations of winter.
  • The image can be of any subject
  • The image can be color or monochrome.
  • The image must be taken within the last 12 months (July, 2022).


August 9 Print
Natural Framing
(Digital Copy Submission Due 7/26)
August 23 Digital
Urban Landscapes
(Submission Due 8/9)
  • The subject should be largely framed by its surroundings which can include vegetation, architectural elements or any natural or inanimate object(s) in the image.
  • The natural framing does not need to totally surround the subject, but can be on two or three sides framing the subject.
  • Urban landscape photoraphy documents human-made interventions, structures, and the environments of cities.
  • The subject can be busy streets, old buildings, storefronts, skyscrapers, etc.
  • Explore a city and capture an image that represents a component of a sprawling urban landscape.


September 13 Print
OPEN (Black & White)
(Digital Copy Submission Due 8/23)

September 27 Digital
(Submission Due 9/13)
  • The image can be of any subject.
  • The image can be black and white.


  • The image can capture anything related to trains - train engines, cars, tracks, stations, crossing guards, etc.
  • The subject can be the larger scene, or smaller details.
  • The train can be working, defunct or a model/toy.


October 11 Print
Street Fairs, Festivals, or Parades
(Digital Copy Submission Due 9/27)

October 25 Digital
From the Garden to the Table
(Submission Due 10/11)

  • The subject should be anything found at one of these events in the USA.
  • These events can be visually stimulating and busy - so get in closer to focus on the main subject of your image.
  • Identify an interesting background and wait for an ideal subject to pass by.


  • The subject should be a plant-based food item grown in backyard gardens or on local farms.
  • Items could include fruits, vegetables, pumpkins, herbs - anything locally grown and harvested.
  • These can be captured in their natural growing state, at a farmer's market, in your kitchen, on the table.


November 8 Print
Barns, Farms or rural Scenes
(Digital Copy Submission Due 10/25)
November 8 Digital
Negative Space
(Submission Due 10/25)
  • The image should feature a rural landscape that could include farm buildings, crop fields, pastures, livestock, farm equipment, farmers, architectural elements of farm buildings, etc.
  • Capture an image that shows what farming, past or present, is all about.


  • Negative space photography is related to minimalism.
  • It emphasizes not just the subject (positive space), but the empty (negative) space around the subject.


December 13 Print
Leading Lines
(Digital Copy Submission Due 11/22)
December 13 Digital
OPEN (Your Favorite Shot of 2023)
(Submission Due 11/22)
  • Leading lines are a powerful tool for adding depth and drawing the viewer's eye deep into the image.
  • This could be a path in the woods, a walkway through a city park, train tracks, a long flight of stairs, a country road, or city street.
  • Lines can be diagonal, S-curves, zig-zag, vertical, or horizontal.


  • Share your favorite shot, even if it's not technically your best shot, from 2023.
  • The shot must be taken in 2023.
  • The shot must be taken in the Tri-State area. 

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