PCGC Minutes For April 14, 2021

Glen Kindness hosted the Zoom meeting, since the club is not able to meet in person as a result of COVID-19.

The April 28 Digital Competition on “Abstract” is due on April 14.  The May 12 Print Competition on “Open (Monochrome)” is due on April 28.  The May 12 Competition on “My Two Best Shots (Jan-Mar 2021)” is due April 30.

Ron McDaniel, a self taught photographer and a regular contributor to the Hamilton Photo Club, presented Dynamic Symmetry.  This deeper look at an aspect of composition may cause one to rethink the way one composes and processes.  Ron discussed the horizontal line - the most stable, the vertical line, and the diagonal line - which shows movement, as well as the specific diagonal lines - baroque and sinister.

In the near future the club will assess and consider whether to stay on the second floor, move to the first floor, or move to the nearby building with a cafe setting and wifi  but limited ability to move around furniture.

A discussion about the PSA Open Competition entries and the PSA Travel Competition entries took place.  PSA Titles are limited to 25 characters which include spaces.

Print Competition Results for April 14, 2021
Topic:  Perspective (Looking Up)
Judge:  Ernie Martin
No. of Entries:  18

1st – Dan Slusher (Library 2nd Floor)
2nd – Richard Lingo (Up!)
3rd - Dennis Bray (Reaching For The Sky)
4th – Sandy Garrison (Queen City Skywheel)
5th – Jeffery Slutz (Skyward)
6th – Susan Milinkovich (Umbrellas!)
People’s Choice - Neville Duffield (Spiral Staircase
Honorable Mention - Patty Bertsch (A Different View - St. Peter’s Basilica)
Honorable Mention - Ken Weartz (City Hall Tower)
Honorable Mention - Alane Shoemaker (Regal Redwoods)

Respectfully submitted,
Alane Shoemaker
PCGC Secretary

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