PCGC Minutes For June 23, 2021

Glen Kindness hosted the Zoom meeting for the last time, as COVID-19 restrictions have lifted. 

The club will be meeting in person, starting July 14, at our new location (Bell Tower Arts Pavilion, 3270 Glendale-Milford Road, Cincinnati, OH  45241).

Congratulations to members Susan Milinkovich, Candace Cook, Karen Kindness and Rick Lingo for having images chosen for the Middletown Arts Center annual photography exhibit and competition.

New Business

Storage Room Items Remaining:
            Leftover prints from past competitions
            PSA Journal Magazines
            Laptop running Windows 7 (Deb Marvin has volunteered to assess for usability)
            Loudspeaker System (possibly needed in the new facility)
            Projector Table (possibly needed in the new facility)

Feedback on the monthly Print Competition: From the members who have sent feedback to Glen, it is so far split evenly between a hybrid digital/print and digital only.  We really need feedback from our new members and any of our longtime members who have not provided feedback yet. Jeff Slutz and Mike Rank shared their thoughts on the opposing options. More discussion ensued.  We are not ready for a final decision but the process has started with these discussions.  For now, we will continue with all digital submissions and no prints for the first couple months we are back meeting in person.  This will give more time for members to express their thoughts and formulate how it will look.

An image review was held for the two competitions in June (Silhouette & Wet Object).

Digital Competition Results for June 23, 2021
Topic: Wet Object
Judge: Daniel Schoelmer (who joined our Zoom meeting)
No. of Entries: 17

1st – Karen Kindness (Sugar Resting)
2nd – Jeffrey Slutz (Floating Leaf)
3rd – Audra Shields (Winter)
4th – Alan Lloyd (That Sinking Feeling)
5th – Gary Lord (Iris)
6th – Joe Chunko (Come On, Just A Little Kiss)
Honorable Mention – Susan Milinkovich (Water Fight)
Honorable Mention – Richard Lingo (Watch Out)
Honorable Mention – Patty Bertsch (Playing)

Respectfully submitted,
Karen Kindness
(Subbing for Alane Shoemaker, PCGC Secretary)

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