PCGC Minutes for January 13, 2021

Glen Kindness hosted the Zoom meeting, since the club is not able to meet in person as a result of COVID-19. 

The Photographers of the Year 2020 are the following:
First Place - Dennis Bray
Second Place - Joe Chunko
Third Place - Neville Duffield
Congratulations to all three!

Alan Lloyd gave a very informative presentation and demonstration of Photoshop Elements 2021.

Submissions for the PSA Travel and Open Competitions are due by January 31.  The February 10 Print Competition on “Minimalism” is due on January 27.  The February 24 Digital Competition on “Bubbles” is due on February 10.  The Creative Image Competition with two entries is due on March 3.

A new competition was opened for the 2020 PHOTO OF THE YEAR.
The 1st and 2nd place award winners for all of the 2020 Print and Digital competitions have been entered into the competition.  The competition is now open for Member voting on the 48 entries.  The Five Star rating system is being used for this competition with five stars being the highest.  Each member can assign a Star rating for every entry except his or her own.  Awards will be given for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd winners.

Dues are payable in January.  Annual dues are $35 per member, and family membership is $50.
Reduced Rate is in effect for 2021.  Current Members who paid $35 (or $50)  in 2020 receive a reduced rate in 2021.  Reduced rate dues for current members are $20  and  $30 for a Family Duo.  New members pay the normal rate of $35.  A check payable to Photography Club of Greater Cincinnati should be sent to Alan Lloyd, PO Box 217, Milford, OH  45150.

A vote on the revision of The Proposed By-Laws & Competition Rules (under the ORGANIZATION - DOCUMENTS tab) will take place at the February 10, 2021, Zoom meeting. The following tweaks were made after a good discussion at the January 13, 2021, Zoom meeting:

✦ "Wiggle room" to modify the competition rules in case of an emergency (like a pandemic)
✦ Language to allow flexibility for Committee Chairs to delegate when appropriate
✦ PSA Liaison language
✦ Adding Creative Image Competition
✦ Adding ability to have other ad hoc competitions  

The next meeting on Wednesday January 26 at 7:00 PM. features a roundtable review and discussion of the images for January competitions.

Deb Marvin and Tony McCown have recently joined the club, are eligible to compete, and are looking forward to spending time with other photographers.

The Cincinnati Art Club has dropped the restriction regarding photography and is now allowing photographers to join and exhibit in Club shows.  The first online show that is all photography and digital art is online at https://cincinnatiartclub.org/inside-out-photography-and-digital-exhibition-2021/.

Cole Thompson Photography Links include the following: -
FB Event Link

January Print Competition Results for January 12, 2021
Topic:  Open (Color)
Judge:  Daniel Schloemer
No. of Entries:  17

1st – Joe Chunko (Typical Amish Work Day)
2nd – Alan Lloyd (Satellite)
3rd – Dennis Bray (Japanese Tranquility)
4th – Larry Bresko (Darling Harbor)
5th – Sharon Evans (Cone Flowers)
6th – Alane Shoemaker (Observant Buddhist Boy Monk at Monkey Temple in Kathmandu, Nepal)
Honorable Mention and People’s Choice  Richard Lingo (C - January Print)
Honorable Mention  Candace Cook (Daffodil)
Honorable Mention  Larry Edward Jones (Fogo Na Roupa at Carnaval, San Francisco)

Respectfully submitted,

Alane Shoemaker
PCGC Secretary

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