PCGC Minutes For June 9, 2021

Glen Kindness hosted the Zoom meeting, since the club is not able to meet in person as a result of COVID-19.

The June 9 Print Competition on “Silhouette” is due on May 26.  The June 23 Digital Competition on “Wet Object” is due on June 9.  The July 14 Print Competition on “Hotrod Vehicles” is due on June 23.  The July 28 Digital Competition on “Open (Single Color)” is due on July 14.

Glen announced that the club is scheduled to meet in person on July 14 at the new facility in the Bell Tower Arts Pavilion, 3270 Glendale Milford Road, Cincinnati, OH  45241.  Masks will be recommended (but not required) for people who are not vaccinated, and all members will be mindful of basic social distancing measures.

Susan Onysko gave a very informative presentation on Travel Photography.

Print Competition Results for June 9, 2021
Topic: Silhouette
Judge:  Ron Wilson
No. of Entries:  18

1st – Dennis Bray (Balancing Act)
2nd - Neville Duffield (Bird on the beach)
3rd and People’s Choice - Audra Shields (2021 June-Silhouette-Allen Family)
4th – Larry Bresko (What a View!)
5th – Dan Slusher (Celebration)
6th – Karen Kindness (Rae at the Beach)
Honorable Mention - Glen Kindness (Flying)
Honorable Mention - Alan Lloyd (Eros)
Honorable Mention - Larry Jones (Cellar Man)

2021 Spring Flower Showcase Competition
People’s Choice - Sharon Evans (Pink Dogwood)

Respectfully submitted,
Alane Shoemaker
PCGC Secretary

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