PCGC Minutes For February 26, 2020

Glen Kindness called the meeting to order.  To enter The 2020 Creative Image Competition, a member needs to submit his or her two entries by March 11 to PCGCCreativeImage@gmail.com.  

This evening’s makeup print competition is “Neglected,” and the digital competition is “Indoor Low Light.”   Next meeting's print competition is Toys you played with as a kid, and the next digital competition (due at the print meeting) is Open - square, B/W. 

The next entries for the PSA Open and Travel competitions are due on April 15.

Current photography events include the following:

Christ Church Cathedral: Gallery South         Open Call: closes April 1, 2020

Artists are invited to submit works of urban and rural landscapes in the Greater Cincinnati area that, through the intelligence and creative spirit of the photographer, showcase scenes that are typically overlooked or seen as mundane to the busy passerby. Email nkymikephillips@gmail.com for more information.

Clifton Cultural Arts Center    Open Call: closes June 6, 2020     

CCAC invites artists to submit works that explore the theme of Third Place – third places are described as an anchor of community life such as a park, church, library, gallery, etc.  This exhibition asks artists and viewers to consider both the literal, using and manipulating light through the use of photography, and the figurative, how third places enlighten us and encourage us to lighten up.  Email ThirdPlaceCCAC@gmail.com for more information.

Xavier University Art Galleries    Open Call: closes May 15, 2020    

Light has the power to give meaning to anything and everything, presenting the photographer with infinite opportunities to capture images that evoke emotion.  Light, whether natural or artificial, full, gradated or contrasted with its absence to reveal darkness must be felt by the photographer as well as the viewer.  Artists are invited to submit up to five photographs that interpret the Light Matters theme of the exhibit – How will you make light visible for the 2020 FotoFocus Biennial? Email localeyescincy@gmail.com for more information.

Old Business 

The new website at CincyPhotoClub.com is up and running, the old site’s domain has been transferred, and a check for the year is on the way. 

Joe Chunko asked anyone who is interested in providing eight framed 16” x 20” pictures for the July Photography Show at the Evendale Community Rec Center to contact him. 

Ken Weartz volunteered to create a PowerPoint presentation of the club members’ 1400 X 1050 images to be shown before The Sharon Woods Series.

Sharon Woods Programs 2020

Mar 13 Ed Soldo   “WILDFLOWERS...in the Woods of Home”

Mar 20  Cliff Goosmann   “Cruising the Danube River

Mar 27  John Lloyd  “California”

Apr 17 Mike Rank  “Seattle/Alaska Inside Passage/Vancouver2020 Photography”

Apr 24 Neville Duffield   “From Syria to the Senegal”

May 1  Alan Lloyd  “Baltic Sea

Mar 13, 2020   Photography Travel Series: Ed Soldo   'WILDFLOWERS...in the Woods of Home'

The presentation features the spring blooming species probably most familiar in the actual experience of those who live in the Northeast or Midwest.  In a sampling of a world too rarely seen it will touch upon the essential continuity of the historic forest while exploring the sequence of species' time of coming into bloom. 

Mar 20, 2020  Photography Travel Series: Cliff Goosmann   “Cruising the Danube River”

Cruise the Danube River and canal on a Viking Long Ship from Nuremberg, Germany to Budapest, Hungary with stops at Regensburg, Passau, Krems and Vienna.  We’ll see medieval towns, grand cities and stunning scenery along the way. Riverboat travel allows us to stop at the heart of the old cities.

Mar 27, 2020 Photography Travel Series: John Lloyd “California”

Southern California! Disneyland! Beaches! Bikinis! On this trip you won't see any of that. Well… maybe some, but we’ll also checkout several of the lesser known but not less interesting sights such as one of the largest state parks in the country, a Spanish mission, and automobile and aviation museums.

Apr 17, Travel Series: Mike Rank  “Seattle/Alaska Inside Passage/Vancouver2020 Photography”

A Northwest Passage: Cruising Alaska, with a stay in Seattle before boarding, from Seward aboard the Star Legend to Vancouver with anchorages and port calls from Kenai Fords NP, Sitka, Juneau, Haines, Tracy/ Endicott Arm, Wrangell, Misty Fjords to Prince Rupert, BC. Whales and Eagles and Bears, oh my!

Apr 24, 2020 Photography Travel Series: Neville Duffield   “From Syria to the Senegal”

Lewis Carroll said “There is another shore you know upon the other side” Let us show you the side of the Mediterranean you may not know the wonders of: Syria, Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Morocco and down the African coast to the Senegal.

May 1, 2020 Photography Travel Series: Alan Lloyd “Baltic Sea

Take a cruise on the Baltic Sea where we’ll stop and explore eight very different countries from Copenhagen, Denmark to St Petersburg, Russia.

New business 

Glen asked the members on Facebook to find him and post on hiswall if they are interested in sharing event info if our club had a Facebook page. 

Jeffery Slutz did an informative presentation on Fast Stone and Crosshair by Mike Lin.

Print Competition - Patty Bertsch 

Print – Neglected

No. Of Entries:  20 (2 late submittals were not eligible for ribbons)

Judge:  Chad Barrett

1st – Audra Shields (I Don’t Love You Anymore)

2nd – Patty Bertsch (Broken)

3rd – Joe Chunko (Beached)

4th – Susan Milinkovich (Doorway to Decay)

5th – Neville Duffield (Neglected Car)

6th – Rick Lingo (Out of Luck)

HM – Sharon Evans (Clean-Up on Alley Two)

HM – Jeffery Slutz (Help Wanted)

HM – Don Meiners (Door to Ruins)

Digital Competition - Dennis Bray 

Digital – Low Light Interior

No. Of Entries:  18

Judge:  Chad Barrett

1st – Joe Chunko (Discarded Cello)

2nd – Sharon Evans (Daisies Reflected)

3rd – Jeffery Slutz (Rose)

4th – Chris Strange (Pretty Penny)

5th – Larry Bresko (Speedex Camera)

6th – Dan Slusher (In a Stupor)

HM – Glen Kindness (No Title)

HM – Karen Kindness (Interrupted)

HM – Alan Lloyd (Pour the Wine)

Respectfully submitted,

Alane Shoemaker, PCGC Secretary

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