PCGC Minutes For March 11, 2020

Joe Chunko called the meeting to order.  Submissions for the PSA Travel and Open Competitions are due by March 29 so that three judges can decide which ones to enter for our club.  Joe passed out the ribbons for the February Print and Digital Competitions.

This evening’s print competition is “Toys You Played With As A Kid,” and the digital competition is  “Open - square, B/W.”

Current photography events include the following:

Christ Church Cathedral: Gallery South       Open Call: closes April 1, 2020
Artists are invited to submit “a story” in pictures of the Greater Cincinnati area.  Email nkymikephillips@gmail.com for more information.

Clifton Cultural Arts Center     Open Call: closes June 6, 2020     
CCAC invites artists to submit works that explore the theme of Third Place – third places are described as an anchor of community life such as a park, church, library, gallery, etc.  This exhibition asks artists and viewers to consider both the literal, using and manipulating light through the use of photography, and the figurative, how third places enlighten us and encourage us to lighten up.  Email ThirdPlaceCCAC@gmail.com for more information.

Xavier University Art Galleries    Open Call: closes May 15, 2020   
Light has the power to give meaning to anything and everything, presenting the photographer with infinite opportunities to capture images that evoke emotion.  Light, whether natural or artificial, full, gradated or contrasted with its absence to reveal darkness must be felt by the photographer as well as the viewer.  Artists are invited to submit up to five photographs that interpret the Light Matters theme of the exhibit – How will you make light visible for the 2020 FotoFocus Biennial? Email localeyescincy@gmail.com for more information.

Old Business:
Members should remember that the old Yahoo email system is being phased out.  It should not be used for general club communication as it can all be done very easily through the email system that is integrated into the website.  Instructions are shown on the tab marked "Send Email to Members" in a dropdown document.  To actually send the email, a member just clicks the tab itself - it may take a moment for the email page to open up. If a member has any questions, he or she should ask Mark or Karen.

New Business:
Presentation: Monica Furr did a very fun and informative Light Painting instruction inside, showing all the diverse tools she uses: various flashlights, toys, light blades, battery operated Christmas lights, PVC pipe with holes drilled in it, bubble tubes with metallic pipe cleaners, etc.  Monica is to be commended for all of her time and efforts both inside and then hands-on outside.  Those members who stayed to shoot had a great time and learned a great deal.

Patty Bertsch introduced the judge for tonight’s Print Competition, Malinda Hartong.
Topic:  Toys You Played With As A Kid
Judge:  Malinda Hartong
No. of Entries:  12
1st – Karen Kindness (Lazy Bones)
2nd – Neville Duffield (My Crane)
3rd – Mike Rank (Vroom!  Vroom!)
4th – Joe Chunko (Old Red Wagon)
5th – Susan Milinkovich (Board Games)
6th – Alane Shoemaker (Homage to My Childhood

Respectfully submitted,
Alane Shoemaker
PCGC Secretary

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