Fotofocus 2020

Congratulations to our members, Audra Shields and Susan Milinkovich, for their acceptance into this prestigious exhibition.  Due to the COVID-19 concerns, the exhibition has been cancelled but it is quite an honor to have been chosen as part of it.  Here is more information:

FotoFocus 2020 - Mohawk Gallery

Light & Time and The Ever-Changing Perspective” 

An exhibit that shows how photographers have the power to affect the viewer’s perspective by their use of light, time, and the positioning from which they capture a situation or scene.
Exhibit was to be made up of five juried individual photographers. Each artist who applied submitted images and a written proposal for how their body of work fit the exhibit’s theme. Importantly, the proposal included a question that the photographer would pose to gallery guests as they view the work. 


Audra’s Submission

"Reformatory or Prison" addresses light, time, and perspective through both
philosophical and technical aspects.
a. An inmate's experience is one lacking in the warmth of natural light and with the
passing of time.  In this environment an inmate participates in the decay of their
physical being as well as their psyche. Ultimately, how does this effect the
inmate’s perspective on life.
b. Through the use of available light during different times of day and by focusing
on the decaying passages and rooms, one's perception may shift from hopeful
to gloomy, or beautiful to ugly.
Does time spent in these environments lead their inhabitants to new perspectives on life and toward enlightenment?


Susan’s Submission:

Light is what makes the photographic miracle possible.  It illuminates and colors our world and it transforms the mundane to magical.  Light can add a spiritual dimension to a scene and engender a deep sense of love of place.   As light changes from moment to moment, from day to day, and from season to season, it alters the appearance of the landscape.  The light illuminating a subject changes over time, and with this change comes a shift in the viewer’s entire emotional response to a photograph.

My images will attempt to show how light illuminates, adds dimension, determines mood and emotion, and creates drama.  It can be the single most important ingredient that determines the success of an image.  There is no such thing as good light or bad light; there is only light.  Light is truly the magical element in a photograph and excites those of us who attempt to capture the beauty of the world around us through our photography.

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