January 10 Print
Open (Color)
(Digital Copy Submission Due 12/27)

January 24 Digital
Lights at Night
(Submission Due 1/10)

  • The image can be of any subject.
  • The image must be a color image.
  • The image cannot be black & white or sepia.
  • The image must be of lights at night.
  • Capture stars, fireworks, neon signs, tail lights, street lights, the lights of the city, Christmas lights, etc.
  • The subject of your image should be the lights in their environment or lighting up an object such as a Ferris wheel or a Christmas tree.


February 14 Print
(Digital Copy Submission Due 1/24)
February 28 Digital
Conveying Emotions
(Submission Due 2/14)
  • Involves combining two or more elements in the same photo, highlighting the contrast between them.
  • Picture must contain at least two elements with strong visual weight.
  • Contrasts can be big/small, old/young, light/dark, color contrast, different textures, or one subject out of context.
  • The image can be a person(s) showing emotions of surprise, fear, happiness, etc.
  • Or the overall image can convey a feeling or emotion.
  • Use a blue tone for a sense of cold in winter, fog can create a sense of moodiness or mystery.
  • Your image should say something or tell a story.


March 13 Print
Light and Shadow
(Digital Copy Submission Due 2/28)

March 27 Digital
Open - Centered Subject
(Submission Due 3/13)

  • Light makes an image seem brighter; shadows can add drama to part of the image composition.
  • Make sure there is a balance between light and shadow.
  • The contrast of light and shadow should be the primary focus of your image, while the object creating the light and shadow contrast is secondary to the image.

  • The image can be of any subject.
  • The subject must be centered in the image frame.
  • The subject can be dead center or centered vertically or horizontally; but not on the rule of third lines.
  • Photo needs to have been taken in the last 24 months (since March, 2022).



April 10 Print
Top-Down Perspective
(Digital Copy Submission Due 3/27)

April 24 Digital
Animals - Domestic or Wildlife
(Submission Due 4/10)

  • Capture a scene where your perspective looks down from the top - from above the subject.
  • Look down from a ladder, a parking garage, top of the stairs, a bridge, etc.
  • This can include a still life composition called flat lays which involves shooting straight down at the scene.
  • The subject of the image must be either pets (e.g., fish, birds, dogs, cats etc), domestic (farm) animals (cows, goats pigs, horses, chickens etc.) or wildlife. Wildlife can include mammals  birds, amphibians, reptiles or fish - in the wild. The images may include people in addition to the pets, domestics, or wildlife.
  • Captive zoo animals (except for petting farm domestics) and insects are excluded from this topic.-
  • The images must be taken between February 28th and the submission deadline of April 10th. 


May 8 Print
Open (Monochrome/One Color)
(Digital Copy Submission Due 4/24)
May 22 Digital
Architectural Elements
(Submission Due 5/8)
  • The image can be of any subject.
  • The entire image must be of various tones of one color.
  • It cannot be a black & white or sepia image.
  • Example - blueberries in a blue bowl with a blue napkin with a blue background.
  • Look for architectural elements such as shape, line, color, pattern, texture, and space.
  • The image should be of the elements or details within the design of the building, inside or outside the building.
  • The image cannot be of the entire building or structure.


June 12 Print
Long Exposures
(Digital Copy Submission Due 5/22)

June 26 Digital
(Submission Due 6/12)
  • Capture a single image over an extended period of time to capture something in motion.
  • This creates a contrast between stationary objects and the blur of objects in motion.
  • Examples would be water, clouds, objects blowing in the wind, cars, etc.
  • Angle your lens in a way that makes the lettering or elements in the sign most striking.
  • Look for appealing colors, interesting wording or pictures, and interesting environment around the sign.
  • Showing a connection between the sign and the environment around it will strengthen the image.


July 10 Print
(Digital Copy Submission Due 6/26)
July 24 Digital
Open (Photographer's Choice)
(Submission Due 7/10)
  • Capture an image that shows the beauty of simplicity, imperfection, growth and decay, and impermence.
  • Beauty can be found in the old, the everyday, and the imperfect, both in nature and in man-made objects.
  • It can be quirks and anomalies arising from the process of construction which add uniqueness and elegance.
  • The image can be of any subject
  • The image can be color, black & white, or sepia.
  • The image must be taken within the last 12 months (July, 2023).


August 14 Print
(Digital Copy Submission Due 7/24)
August 28 Digital
Street Photography
(Submission Due 8/14)
  • The image should bring attention and focus to details regarding the form and structure of plants.
  • Showcase texture, color, pattern, curve of veins in leaves, mosses, lichens, flower petals, tree bark or leaves.
  • Cannot capture an entire tree - only elements of the tree.
  • Decide what the true subject of the composition is.
  • Capture images of people in places or situations in a candid state while in a public space. Must include a person.
  • Composition should not be staged, posed, include props, or control the light source for the image.
  • Try to isolate and capture moments which might otherwise go unnoticed.


September 11 Print
OPEN (Black & White)
(Digital Copy Submission Due 8/28)

September 25 Digital
On the job
(Submission Due 9/11)
  • The image can be of any subject.
  • The image must be black and white, no color or sepia.
  • Key elements of black & white photography include light & shadows, contrast, composition, patterns and shapes, and textures.


  • Capture people in action, doing their job.
  • Elements in the image should give some information about the type of job the person is doing.
  • Image does not have to show the whole person - it can just be theirs hands engaged in their work.
  • Show their tools, distinctive clothing or work setting.


October 9 Print
(Digital Copy Submission Due 9/25)

October 23 Digital
Fascinating Textures
(Submission Due 10/9)

  • Use reflective surfaces to capture a unique image.
  • Reflective surfaces can include water, windows, mirrors, or other shiny surfaces.
  • You can capture the subject and it's reflection, or just the reflection.
  • You can capture reflections to create abstract images.


  • Capture the visual quality of the surface of an object revealed through variances in shape, tone and color.
  • Depth, good contrast and patterns define texture.
  • Higher apertures help you capture more detail.
  • Side-lighting helps reveal textures best.
  • Include an element that provides some contrast.


November 13 Print
Ohio Parks
(Digital Copy Submission Due 10/23)
November 13 Digital
Decayed, Dilapidated, Decrepit
(Submission Due 10/23)
  • Capture an image from any park in Ohio - state, local, or county.
  • It can be plants, animals, insects, small scenes, larger landscapes, people or man-made objects.
  • It just has to be found and captured in a park somewhere in Ohio.


  • Show the effects of time on objects, buildings, cars, places, etc.
  • Capture scenes of object that are not inherently beautiful - peeling paint, rust metal, crumbling walls, etc.
  • Tell the stories of the past.


December 11 Print
Something with Wheels
(Digital Copy Submission Due 11/27)
December 11 Digital
OPEN (Your Favorite Shot of 2024)
(Submission Due 11/27)
  • Capture anything that has wheels such as cars, bikes, wagons, tractors, Ferris wheels, etc.
  • The wheel can be shown as part of the object it is attached to, or it can just be the wheel itself.


  • The image can be of any subject.
  • The shot must be taken in 2024.
  • The shot must be taken in the Tri-State area.

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