PCGC Minutes For January 8, 2020

Glen Kindness called the meeting to order. Alan Lloyd gave the Treasurer’s report and emphasized the importance of building up the membership. Alan also discussed the 2020 Creative Image Competition and encouraged members to submit their two entries by March 11 to PCGCCreativeImage@gmail..com. Larry Bresko reported the club results in the PSA Travel Competition.. Congratulations to Neville Duffield who received Second Place for “Pollingmist” and Alan Lloyd who received Honorable Mention for “Starclipper."

Old Business included the upcoming move to Pavilion Arts Bell Tower. The television is already there.

Glen passed out the ribbons for the December Diners Print Competition.
1st – Dan Slusher (Coney Island Diner)
2nd – Patty Bertsch (One Ollieburger to Go)
3rd – Mike Rank (At Your Service)
4th – Neville Duffield (Lebanese Dive)
5th – Sharon Evans (Wienerlicious)
6th – Alane Shoemaker (The Ruby Diner)
HM – Rick Lingo (Vegas, Baby)
HM – Jeffery Slutz (The Polk-A Dot Drive In)

Glen also passed out the ribbons for the December Photo Essay Digital Competition.
1st: Alan Lloyd (Street Performer)
2nd: Mike Rank (Bathing Tri-Colored Heron)
3rd: Joe Chunko (Challenger vs. Winner)
4th: Glen Kindness (Balloons At Greenville)
5th: Jeffery Slutz (Plymouth)
6th: Dan Slusher (Timber)
HM: Audra Shields (Making a Fun Staff Photo)
HM: Sharon Evans (Light Up the Zoo)

Current photography events include the following:
- Mohawk Gallery at Robin Imaging - Mobile Photography Take #2: Creativity Unleashed!
The Levee: A Photographer in the American South. Cincinnati Art Museum, until February 2. Presents a body of photographs by Sohrab Hura in which the artist explores themes of connection, perspective, and place.

Joe Chunko announced and presented the certificates to the winners of the Overall Print Competition for 2019 based on points, the Overall Digital Competition for 2019 based on points, and the Photographer of 2019 based on points. Congratulations to the following winners:

Print Competition for 2019
First Place: Jeffery Slutz
Second Place: Neville Duffield

Digital Competition for 2019
First Place: Glen Kindness
Second Place: Patty Bertsch

Overall Photographer of 2019
First Place: Jeffery Slutz
Second Place: Patty Bertsch

John Stuedle of The Cincinnati Camera and Photography Club at meetup.com did an informative presentation on Off-Camera Flash.

The topic chosen for the February Digital Competition is Interior Low Light with no flash and no studio light.

Patty Bertsch announced tonight’s Print Competition and introduced the judge, Don Borisch.
Topic: Open (Color)
Judge: Don Borisch
No. of Entries: 18

1st – Rick Lingo (Regression)
2nd – Don Meiners (Sunrise Gold Harbour)
3rd – Dennis Bray (Palaudela Musica Catalana)
4th – Dan Slusher (Peeling Paint)
5th – Alan Lloyd (Girl In a Bubble)
6th – Patty Bertsch (Me and My Shadow)
HM – Karen Kindness (Butterfly Lanterns)
HM – Audra Shields (Supercharged)
HM – Alane Shoemaker (Ringing in 2020 in Dubai)

Respectfully submitted,
Alane Shoemaker
PCGC Secretary

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