January 8 Print 
Open (Color)

January 22 Digital
The Naked Tree

  • Any Subject
  • Photo must be a color image

NOTE: We will select a subject for the February Digital competition at this meeting.

  • Subject must be a tree with no leaves on it
  • Photo can have multiple trees in the image so long as at least one tree has no leaves on it
  • Can be color or black & white


  February 12 Print
February 26 Digital
Low Light Interior Shot
  • Subject must be an image of something that is neglected and clearly shows that it is abandoned, in disrepair, tattered, or torn
  • Photo must be taken between January 8 and February 12.
  • Flash or strobe lights cannot be used.  No strong sunlight through windows. Think candlelight, low watt table lamp, etc.
  • Can be color or monochrome, portrait or landscape orientation.


March 11 Print
 Toys You Played with as a Kid

March 25 Digital
Open Square (Black & White)

  • The subject must be a toy or thing you played with as a kid
  • The object can be new as long as it was        around when you were a kid

  • Any subject
  • Must be a black & white image
  • Image height and width must be the same


April 8 Print
The Color Blue

April 22 Digital
Shallow Depth of Field

  • The subject must have the color blue dominate in the image
  • A blue sky or blue water cannot be the subject
  • Subject must be in focus
  • Background and/or foreground must be out of  focus



May 13 Print
Open (Monochrome)
May 27 Digital
Industrial/ Mechanical
  • Photo must be a black & white, sepia, or single color image
  • Any subject
  • The subject must be an industrial or mechanical object
  • Can be the inside of an industrial factory or shop
  • Can be machinery, power or hand tools, etc.
  • Can be a mechanical object or mechanism


June 10 Print
Planes, Trains and Boats 

June 24 Digital
  • Subject must be a plane, train or boat
  • Subject cannot be a part that is separated  from the plane, train, or boat (i.e. a propeller mounted on a wall
  • Image must show a repeating subject or    pattern
  • Repetition can be linear, circular, or along a path


July 8 Print
Cincinnati Landmarks
July 22 Digital
Open (Color)
  • Subject must be one of four Cincinnati      Landmarks (Museum Center, Music Hall, Art Museum, or Fountain Square)
  • Can be the interior, exterior, or on              the grounds of the landmark
  • Any subject
  • Must be a color image



August 12 Print
August 26 Digital
  • Subject must show a landscape with no man-made objects in the image (buildings, fences, paved roads, utility poles, sidewalks, signs, bricks, etc.)
  • Changes to landscape caused by man are acceptable (ruts in dirt, planted trees or grass, etc.)
  • Subject must show a texture
  • Image can be abstract or an object that has a distinctive texture present


September 9 Print
People in Costumes
September 23 Digital
Something Upside Down
  • Subject must be a costume worn at a festival, street or theatrical event, or sporting event, etc.
  • Subject cannot be a uniform (sports player, police, military, etc.)


  • Subject must be in an upside down position from its normal position as shot (such as a Trapeze
    artist hanging by his feet, person          standing on their head, or a bicycle      hanging upside down, etc.)
  • Subject cannot be flipped in post-processing


October 14 Print
October 28 Digital
Streets at Night

  • The image must have a dominate        Reflection   
  • Reflections can be in nature (water) or  artificial (glass, metal, etc.)


  • Subject must show a street scene at night with no natural light


November 11 Print

November 11 Digital
Open (Panorama)

  • Subject must be a building or architectural element
  • Can be the whole building or a unique  building architectural feature
  • Can have multiple buildings in the image


  • Any subject
  • Image must have a width of at least 2 times the height


December 9 Print
The Letter “G”

December 9 Digital
Your Best Local 2020 Shot

  • Subject must be something whose name begins with the letter “G” (i.e. Giraffe, Goose, Gate, Garage)
  • Can be of the letter “G” itself if it is        dominate on a sign or display
  • Cannot be a proper name of a person, pet, or company name (i.e. Gloria, George, Graeter’s)


  • Any subject
  • Must be taken in 2020
  • REVISED - Location must be in Ohio, Kentucky, or Indiana
  • Cannot be a previous competition entry



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