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Bobbie Butler:

John Butler:

Jerry Fritsch:

Jerry Fritsch is an accomplished amateur nature photographer.  While he does enjoy doing some landscape and flora work, his passion is wildlife photography.  Being in Cincinnati, Ohio, he does do a lot of bird and insect work but he loves talons, antlers and horns.

John Jackson:

The summer of ’62 I worked as a photographer in this area.  We went door to door taking pictures of kids sitting on our pony.  And, of course, each kid got a short ride up and down the block.  Since then I have quit taking pictures for money, but I still spend whole days taking pictures.

Mark Kraus:

Alan Lloyd: and

I am Alan Lloyd.  I am a member of The Photography Club of Greater Cincinnati and also the Camera Club of Cincinnati.    I shoot travel pics for slide presentations and I also shoot models in a studio setting.

Jeffery Slutz:

“While I enjoy shooting a wide variety of subjects, I tend to be particularly drawn to gritty, rusty things, candid portraits and inner city street scenes.  In my film days, I shot a lot of motorcycle races and surfing scenes.  I love the freedom that my small, but very capable point and shoot gives me over a heavy, expensive SLR and accompanying gear. I therefore carry it almost everywhere always at the ready which has enabled me to shoot things I would never have captured otherwise.”